Thursday, August 19, 2010

OK! Magazine Offers Lindsay Lohan $1 Million For First Post-Jail Interview

Getting arrested and going to rehab maybe the best thing that ever happened to Lindsay Lohan..for more reasons that one. Hopefully, of course, the rehab will actually help her. But the big thing is her public humiliation may just save her financially. It’s no secret that Lilo was broke as hell before she went to jail, and even though she will be shooting two low budget films (Inferno and Machete) after she completes rehab, her real source of income over the next year will be from non film work.

According to reports, she has been offered $1 million for her first post-jail interview by OK! magazine. She is also set to collect a slew of appearance fees and paychecks for stories of her time inside.
The first interview could come sooner than expected as Lindsay is set for an early release from rehab, possibly later this week.

Just before her incarceration, Lindsay shot a series of Facebook greeting card messages and did several nearly-nude photo shoots. She also tweeted ads for money and did a paid milkshake shop appearance. Wow..she was busy as hell before she went to the pokey. It’s the Adderall that keeps her going, you know.

(Facebook ad picture below)


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