Wednesday, July 27, 2011

iPhone 5 features include big home button

The latest rumors about iPhone 5 release date indicate September 5 as probable date. Meanwhile iPhone 5 features include big home button and 8 mp camera

A schematic supposed to be the case of the upcoming iPhone 5 shows the device will only have some minor changes from iPhone 4. The diagram leaked by a Chinese case manufacturer shows a large space in position of home button in the front panel. The case has curved sides like iPhone 3GS.

The larger space for home button gives support for the speculation that Apple would sport a multitouch gesture-compatible area in place of its home button on its next iPhone. Apple’s iOS 4 had realized several multitouch features and functionalities.

The case also shows a possible 3.7-inch edge-to-edge screen on the next iPhone. There were massive rumors that Apple would launch edge-to-edge screen on iPhone 5. A larger screen and curved body will make iPhone 5 shine better than the current iPhone 4.

But at the same time, the case shows no reason to think that iPhone 5 will have drastic design change. There is no proof that the device will have a higher-resolution 8MP rear camera and many other features.

The next generation iPhone is expected to hit the stores in September this year. Since Apple has missed to mention about iPhone 5 at its WWDC 2011 in June, tech geeks have been much impatient to see the next amazing iPhone update form Apple.

Indeed, we can expect it sooner from the Cupertino-based technology giant. Apple iPhone 5 will highlight iOS 5, iCloud and several other features from its current model.



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