Friday, October 29, 2010

Soy tu Dueña Capitulo 139 – Watch It Now On The Internet

Soy tu dueña is a Mexican television show which, when translated to English, means I’m Your Lady. It follows the dramatically complicated story of Valentina (played by Lucero) who was born rich and beautiful but eventually finds out that it does not necessarily translate to a good, happy life. She goes through a lot of events in her life that would ultimately lead her to Los Cascabeles, a hacienda or a plantation owned and managed by her family. There, she finds love in the form of Jose Miguel (played by Fernando Colunga) but has to experience a lot of hardships first from her cousin, her former lover, and a host of other characters who are determined to stop her from realizing her happiness.

Soy tu dueña Chapter 139 is now available over the Internet and anybody who wishes to see Valentina and her dramatic life can watch, at their own pleasure.


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