Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Khayri Williams Clark Arrest

Khayri Williams-Clark and Nigel Dumas have been charged with the murder of Abelino Mazariego. Nigel Dumas, 19, of Morristown, and Khayri Williams-Clark, 18, of Summit, along with an unidentified 17 year old, have been charged with the brutal beating death of Abelino, 47, today.

Prosecutors contend the beating was unprovoked. Williams-Clark is out on a $100,000 bail, Dumas remains in jail on a $250,000 bail; the 17 year old is a juvenile detention center.

Abelino Mazaniego was a Salvadoran immigrant who did nothing but sit on a bench in an upscale section of a New York town after his job working at a restaurant. Abelino Mazaniego, a father of 4, was even videotaped being beaten. A fourth teen reportedly recorded the beating.

Abelino Mazaniego had worked at Dabbawalla Indian restaurant for three years as a cook’s assistant. His cook, Colin Castro, called Mazaniego friendly and hardworking.

Clark and Dumas’ charges originally were manslaughter but have since been upgraded to murder. The question remained unanswered is how many teens were in the group. Police confirm money was not the motivation for the beating. Abelino Mazaniego had $640 on him when he was found by police. Once in a local hospital, nurse Stephan Randolph allegedly stole the money; Randolph has been charged with third degree theft.


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