Friday, July 23, 2010

Aral Sea Before and After

It is really shocking to see that one of the largest lakes in the world doesn’t even amount to one of the middle sized lakes anymore as global warming is making its impact be known by the Aral Sea before and after images and discoveries which show it completely dried up. It isn’t all because of global warming though as much of the drying up has to do with this cotton boosting initiative that Russia took some years ago in the process of which it changed the directions of the rivers or diverted them to cotton plantations which in the end left no water making it to the Aral Sea.

The Aral Sea before and after notion is really shocking sometimes when we think of how little it takes to make such a big devastating change to the lakes and other natural resources of our planet and I hope that Russia can do something about it but it is way too late by now. The Sea, or lake, used to be one of the central Asia’s most promising fishing sites where there were many fishermen who relied on the sustenance of this lake for their livelihood but thanks to the greed of the wealthy, the poor now sit and starve in a town that was just on the edges of the lake.

There will be a time when we look at the Aral Sea before and after documents and realize that this world is not ours to destroy for our own profits and that a lot of people depend on us being environmentally friendly to make a living in these hard times.


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